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Preconstruction Services

CASCO Construction, a versatile general contractor in commercial and institutional construction, offers a spectrum of services, ranging from preconstruction to general contracting. In the realm of preconstruction services, CASCO collaborates closely with owners and design teams during the early stages of drawings. They contribute valuable insights in value engineering, siting, constructability, budget, and scheduling, acting as a crucial member of the design team. This involvement ensures accurate pricing information and aligns the budget with the actual design. Sustainability and maintenance costs are integral considerations, potentially saving owners money in the long run. The preconstruction team’s efficiency reduces project costs by saving time, labor, and expenses, resulting in a building tailored to the owner’s specifications, within budget, and devoid of surprises.

As a General Contractor, CASCO initiates services with meticulous pricing, employing a bid process in predetermined packages. Rigorous bid validation utilizes extensive cost histories, ensuring accuracy. During the construction phase, CASCO assumes comprehensive management responsibilities, overseeing day-to-day activities with a focus on safety, quality control, and schedule adherence. Providing bonding for projects and holding subcontractor contracts, unless directed otherwise by the client, affords CASCO significant control over the schedule, empowering them to truly drive project success. This holistic approach, combining preconstruction foresight and robust general contracting, reflects CASCO’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with clients’ needs, goals, and budget, thereby enhancing overall project value and success.