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Migombani Area Plot number 17 Block 7 Mwenge/Kijitonyama in Dar es Salaam.

P.O.Box 77186,
Dar es Salaam- Tanzania.

Construction Management

CASCO Construction, a versatile general contractor in commercial and institutional construction, offers a comprehensive suite of services, including pre-construction, conceptual budgeting, estimating, construction management, and general construction. 

In pre-construction, CASCO collaborates with owners and design teams to provide value engineering, ensuring cost-effective, sustainable, and well-maintained projects. Their meticulous design review, incorporating sustainability and maintenance considerations, often results in long-term cost savings. 

As a general contractor, CASCO excels in pricing, bid verification, and day-to-day construction management, emphasizing safety, quality control, and adherence to schedules. Their hands-on approach, encompassing bonding and subcontractor contract management, grants clients greater control, driving projects to success within specified budgets and timelines. CASCO’s commitment to tailored delivery systems adds significant value, guaranteeing project success.