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Dar es Salaam- Tanzania.

Conceptual Budgeting

CASCO Construction, a full-service general contractor specializing in commercial and institutional construction, offers a comprehensive range of services, including conceptual budgeting. As part of their pre-construction services, CASCO collaborates with owners and design teams in the early phases, providing value engineering and suggestions for various aspects like sitting, constructability, budget, and scheduling. Serving as a valuable member of the design team, their pre-construction team enhances the design segment by incorporating accurate pricing information, ensuring the budget aligns with the actual design.

In the role of a General Contractor, CASCO initiates services with meticulous pricing, bidding out jobs in predetermined packages, and validating bids through extensive cost histories. Throughout actual construction, CASCO manages day-to-day activities, prioritizing safety, quality control, and schedule adherence. Acting as a project anchor, they provide bonding, hold subcontractor contracts, and exert control over the schedule, ensuring projects meet owner specifications within budget. CASCO’s commitment to pre-construction and general contracting adds substantial value, creating buildings that align with owner goals and specifications, free of surprises, and poised for long-term success.